Fermax Video Door phones are high quality products manufactured in Spain. These products are now available in India through Fermax India Pvt Ltd. The products are suitable for bungalows, villas, apartments, building and multiple buildings.

Here are the main categories of Products:

Fermax Door phones are available in pre-designed Audio and Video Kits.

Video Door phone Kits:


Audio door phone Kits:


You can choose from range of Monitors and outer panel which are integrable with any of the Fermax Video door phone or audio door phone Models. That is you can select any outer panel and monitors. Various options are available in the same design for single to multi apartments.

Video door phone Monitors

loft-monitor-image-6 Smile-7-inch-monitor-with-handloft-monitor-image-5

Video door phone Outer panels

Skyline-8 Cityline-7 Cityline-Direct-with-VIM

You can also choose Access control Kits and Various readers available

Access Control




Network video recorder kits